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Easton Timber Co

Dirt Bike Tic Tac Toe

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Bring your dirt biking to a whole new 'level' with this eye-catching game of Dirt Bike Tic Tac Toe! It's the perfect way to get your kids to put their head 'in the game' with this supercharged edition of classic Tic Tac Toe. Built with wood and acrylic, it's just the thing to make your birthday parties or Easter baskets even more wild!


• Price includes 1 card, 5 X's and O's (lightning bolts and helmets). Items will come packaged as pictured.

• Made with 1/4 Maple and 1/8 acrylic (if that option is selected)

• A fun spin on this classic game.

• Item is made with real wood. There may be color or grain variances.



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