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Easter Basket Tag - Arch

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Hop into Easter with this adorable Bunny Tag for yoke your basket stand out with a furry friend who's got their eye on you! (Get it? Eye on you? Because of the glasses? Okay, we'll stop.)

• High-quality Tag: Skillfully crafted from 1/4" maple wood and 1/8"
acrylic, providing the perfect balance of durability and charm.
• Personalized Tags: Enhance the Easter experience with a tag scribed
with your child's name. Please leave name in personalization box. If not name is left it will come without a name.
• Fun Variations: Choose from Bunny or Girl Bunny for the design that suits your little one best. Glasses will come in pictured colors unless otherwise requested.
• Size and Color: Each tag is 4 x 2.5 in size and comes with a natural
wood base and a color accent based on your selection.
• Extra Goodies: Each tag comes with a neutral color chiffon ribbon
and is individually packaged, ready for gifting!

Expect the priceless look of surprise as children discover their names
on these adorable Easter Basket Tags. Whether it's a present from the
Easter Bunny himself or a thoughtful gift from a loving parent or
grandparent, these tags are destined to make a cherished keepsake.
Ideal for any age - because, truly, nobody is too old for an Easter
Basket! So why wait? Turn each Easter basket into a personalized
treasure trove and add a dash of magic to your Easter Egg Hunt and
Birthday celebrations. With our tags, gifting is not just an act -
it's a memorable experience.

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