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Easton Timber Co

Easter Egg Tokens

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Hop into some fun with our Easter Egg Tokens! Use them as fillers for your egg hunt or as prizes for the ultimate Easter hunt. Made of wooden material, these tokens are perfect for adding an extra touch of excitement to your holiday festivities. Get cracking today!

-Handcrafted from 1/4 maple wood. Durable and long-lasting
-1.25 inches to fit in standard Easter Eggs
-Customs with 35 tokens |34 activities/prizes and one blank token|. Tokens can be customized with prizes of your choice. Send us a message or leave a note at checkout.
-Comes bagged as a set to ensure they stay together for the big day.

Hop into the Easter festivities with these high-quality 1/4 maple wood Easter Egg Tokens! Each set includes 35 tokens that are customizable for a personal touch. Perfect for egg hunts or gifting, these tokens will add a unique and playful touch to your Easter celebration.


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